The Benefits of Using Google Shopping App for Your UK-Based Business

Already on Shopify UK? Connect your online store to Google Shopping and take advantage of the numerous benefits – increased traffic, sales, Google Ads, and more!

Google Shopping Ads have become an essential part of ecommerce marketing. These advertisements have proven to be more effective than any other ad, for businesses of all sizes and niches. Over the years, Google Shopping Ads have involved in a powerful marketing channel for many ecommerce businesses. The constant updates from Google altered the paid marketing industry and soon transformed Google Shopping from an optional strategy into a must-have sales tactic for businesses worldwide.

Google Shopping Ads appear on Google Shopping and at the top of search results when online purchasers search for a product using Google search. The Google Shopping Ads can also appear in photo searches. We can say that Google Shopping Ads mean lots of business exposure and brand growth. For many merchants, they are the ultimate key to driving traffic and brand awareness, as well as, outperforming the competition. If you are wondering whether Google Shopping ads are right for your UK-based business, check out these benefits that will definitely persuade you.

  • Advertise your products on Google Shopping: Google Shopping ads will get your products in front of UK online purchasers, as well as, online customers from all over the world. You will be able to drive more leads and pay only for those who visit your store.
  • The Google Shopping ads perform better than text-based ads: More and more retailers started using Google Shopping Ads over other strategies and marketing tactics. There is a reason for it – the ads have a higher conversion rate. And we all know that a better ROI is advantageous for ecommerce businesses, especially when it comes to advertising and marketing. Google Shopping Ads provide a higher return on investment as every dollar is focused on the customers.
  • Get qualified leads: Google Shopping Ads will help you improve the quality of your leads. The online purchasers are looking to make an informed decision and through information ads and visually revealing ads, the visitors will be motivated to purchase your products.

Download the Google Shopping App from the Shopify App Store and enjoy:

  • Instant sync with Google: All you do is link your Shopify UK store with Google Merchant Center and the app will take care of everything.
  • Promotions feed for all products: You can create promotions feed within the app for all and specific products.
  • Advanced filtering options: The app will help you filter the products on Google Product Categories, Defining Age, Defining Gender of Products, and more.
  • You can use SEO titles and product descriptions: Google Shopping app will help you use SEO titles and SEO product descriptions.
  • Second image as the main product image: You can use the second image as an official product image in many stores.
  • Save time and improve functionality & accuracy: You can list all of your products at once and have new products added with just a few clicks.
  • Drive more sales: The app will help you improve the conversion of your Google Ads by keeping inventory and pricing up to date, avoiding out-of-stock products from your product listings.
  • Optimize your Google Shopping campaigns: After installing the app, you can click Fill Access Suite to control and manage your Google Shopping Campaigns by using advanced optimization tools.
  • Improve your listings: Your Google Customer reviews will be automatically displayed with your listings to improve conversion.

The most successful businesses in the UK are allocating their marketing budgets and finances toward Google Shopping Ads. It is time for you to invest as well!


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