Google Shopping

How to Use Google Shopping To Target Customers in the UK

Building an e-commerce website is one thing and selling to shoppers in the UK is a different thing altogether. It means that once the site is up and running, you must tweak it to fit the UK market. The language used and the pricing must be in GBP.

  • Stores locate in the UK

If your e-commerce store is in the United Kingdom, it probably meets all the requirements including having the prices in GPS (£).  If this is the case, what you need to do is to meet the ad requirements to target specific customers in the UK market.

  • When the store is not based in the UK

If your store is not located in the UK, but you want to target and sell your products to the UK market, Google Shopping will help you achieve your goal.  First, ensure that the store communicates in the UK English version. It should then use the GPB to make it easier for you to submit a feed. Alternatively, you may still provide the feed in your local currency and allow Google to convert it for you.  But you need to be careful here. But it is mandatory to ensure that your checkout and landing pages show the same currency. If you choose to submit your feeds in GPB, use the same currency on the landing page and checkout. If you decide to do so in Euro, both the landing page and the checkout should be in Euros.

  • Shipping

This is another area that confuses many merchants. But this should not be the case. All you need to do is to keep the same currency on both the checkout and the product page, and you will be done. Also, you need to forward the right shipping information on your merchant center.

  • Tax requirements

When it comes to taxation, the schedule of the country whose currency you are using should be followed. In our case, you will use the UK’s taxation schedule.

For UK based e-commerce, you have access to a feature that allows you to advertise any of the products you sell. You have the freedom to group products together and present them using your business or brand name.

  • The feed attribute

In some cases, you may have to group your products and sell them as one bundle. But it depends on the product in question. If you are creating a feed that targets the UK market, clicking on each attribute will open a fresh tab for you.