E-commerce in Australia

Leveraging Your E-commerce in Australia

If you already have an e-commerce store in Australia, leveraging it with Google Shopping is the only way to give it an upper hand over your competitors. Unfortunately, many businesspeople in Australia do not know how they can optimize the platform. As such, they need to learn to build an effective campaign structure that can make Google shopping profitable. This article looks at how you can leverage Google shopping for your e-commerce platform.

  • Understand the impact of Google shopping

Before you embark on optimizing Google shopping for your business, it is crucial that you understand how Google Shopping work. Studies show that retail outlets which have leveraged Google Shopping increase their revenue by more than 52% every year. Also, Google revenue has been growing every year meaning that businesses are increasing their budgets on shopping ads.

  • Take advantage of Google search and clicks

According to Google’s latest report, 55 percent of all Google search and clicks come from Google shopping. 55% of them are from smartphones. So what does this tell us? That as the number of people owning smartphones go up, it brings more revenue to e-commerce businesses. It means that business should have plans for both the desktop and the mobile devices. Also, advertisers should not just stick to Google’s recommended settings. They should tailor them depending on prevailing conditions.

  • Mobile Bidding

Google anticipated that you’d need to follow the rising trends of mobile devices. As a result, it came up with an enhanced campaign in which campaigns are required to target all devices. So, advertisers need to adjust their ads to suit mobile bids. But it’s hoped that in the future, Google will allow bid adjustments to be made depending on the type of the device in use. Before then, it is critical that advertisers modify their campaigns to target all devices.


Lastly, advertisers must be prepared to make separate campaigns depending on where they get the most traffic from. If your business gets very little mobile traffic, it should consider different campaigns to optimize Google Shopping. So, it implies that each store should look at its situation and make a decision that will serve its need.

In the meantime, they should be prepared to focus more on mobile traffic to increase their chances of succeeding with bids.

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