Shopping Campaigns in India

Tips for Setting up Google Shopping Campaigns in India

The benefits of Google shopping campaigns and ads cannot be over-emphasized. They can be used to leverage your business, increase profitability and make it grow faster. But the trouble is that it is always tricky to get the ads to where they can mint money for you. They look simple to start, but they become technical as you move along. So, learning how you can navigate around them will determine whether they make money for you or not. This article looks at how you can create Google shopping campaigns.

  • How to create campaigns

To get started, you need tools that include but not limited to an App from Shopify or any other e-commerce platform. Secondly, you need to upload your product feed to the merchant account. Once the feed is uploaded, ensure that you configure the shipping and the tax settings. You will then be free to start creating a Google shopping campaign. But the campaigns must be optimized if you want to get the best results.

  • Pay for the ads

Somehow, Google knows that ads which are pushed down the page get limited viewership. So old ads will always be pushed down the page to pave the way for new ads appear at the top. Users with high purchase intent will see the new ads at the top. Such ads end up with a lot of clicks.  It is one of the reasons that is making retailers increase their shopping ads budget. It allows Google to give its product more prominence. 

  • Setting up your shopping ads

The future of advertising lies in Google shopping. You no longer have to spend your precious time on keyword research. All you should do is to direct your effort to Google Shopping adds. The rest of the things will fall in place without much effort.  Ensure that you give enough information about your product and let Google do the donkey work of matching queries with your product.

  • What you should do

Work out on your store platform and ensure that your product feed sends correct info to Google merchant center. Your job is to work on your Google ads and create a product feed for them. If you are only targeting the Indian market, ensure that product description contains some specific information about your targeted market. Just confirm that the product description information is accurate.  Lastly, remember to follow Google specification while creating your description.